Gym Shit That Drives Me CRAZY!

Ok, I just gotta share some gym shit that drives me crazy! I know y’all have seen it, but if you are the one doing this stuff PLEASE STOP IT! It’s not cool!

drop-weights-condescending-wonka-gym-etiquetteThe…. I gotta show how awesome I am by slamming the weights guy!
IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL THE WEIGHT IT’S TOO HEAVY FOR YOU! I understand dropping the weight on the last rep or two, but every damned rep? You know the guy who does deadlifts with about 400lbs on the bar, lifts it and drops it, then again, and again and again… and he does that “sly” look around to see if everyone is watching… NEWSFLASH douchebag we’re not impressed!

The…. I’m too cool to rerack my weights guy/gal
Seriously, it may be an impressive weight you were just pushing, but c’mon, take the extra 15 seconds to rerack your weight… (let’s boost your ego for a second), Not all of us can lift what you can and appreciate the help in taking weights off bars! The other side of this coin, put the damned weights back where you found them! If you are doing supersets or something where you take dumbbells away from the “free weights” area do everyone (ESPECIALLY THE TRAINERS WHO HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER YOU) a favor and put them back! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hunt down a 20lbs DB!

The…. I’m having an orgasm gruntergymorgasm
Ok, I am all for letting out grunts and making noise… I am DEFINITELY not allowed at Planet Fitness, I mean, I swear the lunk alarm was made for people like me, but hey, it doesn’t sound like I’m having an orgasm with each rep! This ladies (and some men) is NOT cute!



The…. I’m working out to hard to wipe off the bench person
10_beginner_mistakes_iStaph infections CAN actually happen from your nasty sweat/bio material so seriously, WIPE THE DANG MACHINE DOWN! At least attempt to! I’m guilty of not always doing it, but when I get up and notice an ass-print I definitely wipe it off! No one wants to sit in your puddle! It’s gross, seriously, just wipe it off! Some of y’all people don’t have the best hygiene anyway, so you definitely need to wipe it off!

The… I’m going to go do something across the gym, but I’m still using that piece of equipment people
Ok, this is probably the 2nd most annoying! If you are close to the equipment (let’s say w/in 5-10′) I can see asking people not to use it if you’re super/compound setting your workout, but if you’re all the way across the gym and come back and I’m using that machine/cable don’t give me a look like I just screwed up your workout. You were across the gym doing something else, there is no “save my seat” rule when you’re that far away! You can wait patiently and work-in during my rest… it’s not your home gym!


HAHA, I know this sounds ranty and whatnot, but sometimes ya just gotta point out where people are wrong! What have you seen in the gym that really grinds your gears?


How’s Your Shoe Game?

So I’m sure you’ve seen some of the “trending” photos and the #shoegame going around on twitter and Instagram and you’re probably like WTF?! Ok, maybe that’s just me! I mean really, shoe game… but I guess their shoe game is just as bad as people like me posting pictures of keep-calm-and-have-shoe-game-7my food all the time! HAHA! So seeing all these pictures of sneakers and such got me thinking, do you know how to pick a pair of shoes for your workouts? Most people have NO clue and buy whatever is “cool” or “colorful” or “popular” and don’t realize bad shoes can injure you! Me being me, of course I wanted to share some tips I learned along the way to help you pick your shoes and up your shoe game! :)

Here’s some quick do’s and don’t’s to get you into the right pair of shoes!

  • Don’t pick solely based on color
  • Don’t go for the most popular brand (at least not as the sole basis)
  • Don’t go for the most expensive (although good shoes are expensive)
  • Don’t buy used shoes
    • For workout shoes I don’t recommend buying used shoes because many have “foam” in the sole that forms to a person’s foot for extra comfort. If you wear someone else’s shoes the sole doesn’t form to your foot and can have you “unsupported” where you need support. The wear and tear on the tread of the shoe is also worn per each person’s “gait” and you want it to be for your feet, not someone else’s.


  • Do try on as MANY shoes as possible, many brands offer several types of shoes and several types of shoes are sold by many brands. Some for pronators (under and over), some for neutral, some with minimal “drop”, some with extra support! Don’t be afraid to go and try on as many as you want in the category for your feet and find the brand that’s comfortable for you!
  • Do try to find a store that has space for you to run around in and “specializes” in shoes. In our area there are specialty running shops that ask you to run around the store in the shoes you came in (or barefoot depending on what you walked in with) and watch how you run. They bring you shoes for the category of your foot and then you get to run around the store in those and try to find the ones that fit you best!
  • DOn’t be afraid to go with brands you have never heard of. There are lots of brands that aren’t as popular as Nike or Reebok that are great quality shoes and will last you a long time!
  • Do pick shoes for your goal… there are many categories of shoes for running, lifting, hiking, basketball, volleyball, etc. This is basically common sense, don’t choose hiking shoes for lifting in the gym. You can, however, wear running shoes for lifting, it basically comes down to indoor vs. outdoor shoes. Print

It sounds like a lot to just pick a pair of shoes, but it’s not! Really it’s simple, just do your homework to just make sure you get what works for your feet! If you still can’t find something with these tips, don’t be afraid to add extra support through arch supports, supportive socks, etc. Not all shoes are perfect, but 99% of the time you can find something that works for you!



My recommended brands/style:

  • Brooks Running – Ghost
  • Brooks Running – Adrenaline
  • Nike – Free 5.0 (mainly for lifting)
  • Asics and Mizuno for volleyball

Injured… AGAIN!!!

So here I am again, in a “brace” unable to workout because I’m injured! Does anyone else get injured as much as me?! I swear, I eat right, exercise, avoid things that are bad for me and STILL get injured! I practice good form when I workout, don’t do more than I should at a time and WHAM it STILL happens! It’s beyond frustrating! So why does this keep happening?Personal Injury

I tried REALLY hard to follow the advice of the doctor, “don’t lift more than 20lbs”, but at times that was difficult… like picking up my son! In the gym I followed the rules, did what didn’t hurt, didn’t lift more than 20lbs and kept the brace on for everything (minus showering of course). Still, it sucked because I was doing so well in the gym and making such good progress! Even the little lifting I did hurt it, so eventually I stopped until we figured out what was wrong, leading me to only do legs and cardio! I don’t mind legs too much, but I wanted to do more upper body, NEED more there!

After a few weeks I started to just pout, feel sorry for myself and honestly just not give a damn anymore! I stopped paying attention to what I ate, I stopped going to the gym really and well decided not to compete! Not as hard as a decision as I thought b/c I was injured and honestly didn’t want to make it worse because it was my hand… screwed up hand means no lifting for a WHILE! But the worst of it was I was seeing my nicely tailored body turn into a fluffy mess! Being injured sucks because it messes with your mind SO MUCH!

So I’m writing this time not just for me, but also because I have a friend who is sick and she was going through the same thing as me and it was awesome to be able to share my story with her and help her realize it’s “ok” to take a break. I realized as I was talking to her one day that I was really talking to myself because she felt EXACTLY the same way I do… “I was doing so well, so motivated and now I can’t do anything”. She made a very good point, she said to me “being injured is more mental than physical” and she is 100% right… you can take the injury and pout (like me and gain 10lbs) or you can be injured and do what you can!

The whole point with all this is really to say find a way to “embrace” your injury! If you’re like me and only your hand is hurt then do cardio, work your legs/butt and abs, I mean really exercising and “losing weight” is about calories burned too right? Every little thing helps! If your legs are hurt do what you can with your upper body and use the arm crank machine for cardio!dowhatyoucan

It’s all doable and it’s all progress, don’t hurt yourself more by not listening to your body! Doing that will lead to more injury and more frustration! Find a way to “embrace” the injury, even if it means doing NOTHING! Not many of us get that luxury!

How do you cope with injury or being injured?

Reality Check

So I’m sort of stealing this post idea from a friend of mine, except I’m expanding on the idea of hers (we’ll guest post hers at a later point), but I wanted to point out some harsh realities of getting healthy that many people seem to forget!

Reality #1 – It Requires Work
So many people don’t realize, or seem to “forget”, that doing anything and achieving results requires work! I mean, even something as simple as climbing the stairs requires your body to do some kind of work. Hell, getting ready in the morning requires work of some kind, but why is it so hard to realize that getting healthy requires work. Why is it that so many “gimmick” items are top sellers, but healthy foods, IMG_4173.JPGpots/pans, etc. aren’t higher sold than fat burners and diet pills?

Reality check people, getting healthy, being fit, losing weight, feeling better, etc. all requires hard work. It requires meal preparation, meal planning, exercise and even some social responsibility when hanging with your friends! Each of these pieces has varying degrees of “work”, but all are required in some aspect to make any change permanent and healthy! Someone like me prepping for a competition meal preps pretty heavily, but someone just looking to lose weight or simply try to eat healthier may only prepare their breakfasts or lunches.

Work is required to be healthy, but it doesn’t have to be so consuming it’s not fun! With things like Zumba, Crossfit, Spin Class, etc. exercise is not as boring as some make it out to be, so start putting in work!

Reality #2 – You’ll Lose Friends and Gain Haters

i-love-haters-you-keep-me-motivated-facebook-timline-coverEveryone likes to think that everyone will support you on your journey, but let me point something out. You will have “friends” who might not like that you’re successful or that you’re able to do something “they can’t” (and I say that loosely). You will have people try to sabotage your or say “you deserve it, you’re working so hard”, but know you need to stick to your goals no matter what. You will gain haters… and you know what, that’s probably a good thing, it means you’re doing something right! I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want someone hatin’ on their progress of getting fit and healthy? In some way it’s flattering!

The whole bit about losing “friends” though… while it may seem harsh some people actually enjoy their own misery and enjoy the company of misery. Once you start to become happy and positive about your body image, your energy levels, your goals, or whatever they become “jealous” of your success. It’s not a bad thing either, sometimes you need to cut those ties, but sometimes you’re also able to inspire them and they come around.

Just remember, everyone has their own goals and you will find people who support you just as often as you’ll find someone who doesn’t. Stay true to yourself and stay strong and you’ll be successful no matter who’s around!

Reality #3 – You HAVE to be Open Minded
This reality check is a little open to interpretation, what I mean by it though is that you have to be open to change.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. People who do the same thing, eat the same, workout the same, live the same, and expect their life to change are INSANE! You have to be open to changing something in your life to make an actual change in your life. If you don’t eat veggies, if you don’t eat anything that isn’t fried how on earth do you expect to lose weight, get more energy, etc.? You didn’t get fat, unhealthy or sick by eating right and taking care of yourself!

Make changes in your life to help your life change… seriously, it is and can be easy to make these changes, but you have to be open minded! If you drink soda daily strive to drink one less per day for 2 weeks, then one less than that for the next two weeks and slowly make the change. No one wants you to dive in and become an expert overnight on how to take care of yourself, but they do expect change.

Be open minded about trying new foods, new exercises, new activities and even LEARNING something about how to take care of yourself. There’s a concept… LEARNING (our next reality check!)

Reality #4 – Strive to Learn
Ok… so this is probably my biggest pet peeve when it comes to people who talk to me about fitness and nutrition. I might not be the most educated person on the subject, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try to figure it out or learn when someone points something out that I’m not sure educate-yourself-before-it-gets-worseof! So many people take anything they read on the internet on face value and fail to do their own research! It’s not hard, there are plenty of medical websites, plenty of accredited websites that will point out the REAL information you need.

Don’t rely on people to give you legit information because the health & fitness industry is probably the highest (if not one of the highest) grossing industries and it’s also very unregulated in regards to people providing facts! I mean remind yourself the FDA doesn’t review supplements and how many have been recalled or proven to only contain parts of what they say they do? A lot of people just want your money and could care less about your actual health! Be educated people, don’t be gullible!

Talkin’ Bodies

So I’ve been thinking about something for a few days and well, I think it might be helpful for some other people too. I have an awful self-image no matter what the posts or pictures might make you think. I often think I’m not big enough, not strong enough, not thin enough, and oftentimes I’m VERY scared of the idea of competing again because I’m afraid I’ll come in last or that I’m just not ready. I sit back and watch many of my fellow competitors, friends, and celebrities and wonder “why can’t I look like that“. I find myself crying sometimes to my husband because I feel like I try so hard and I just can’t look like them. What am I doing wrong? In the mirror I don’t see the progress as much as someone else might, I mean after all, we are our own worst critic right? 

As I sit back and long for that lean, muscular look I have friends who “envy” me… it shocks me! I mean really, ME, you want to look like ME? I’m someone you admire? I’m someone who inspires you? How can that be when I see someone who has a long way to go? Don’t they want someone like Nicole Wilkins or Dana Lynn Bailey to look up to? I mean, they have wonderful physiques on and off season; how in in the world could “I” inspire someone?

Good parent? Bad parent?

Have you ever questioned yourself about taking your kids to the gym daycare or spending 15 minutes in the garage? Have you ever felt like a good parent or bad parent because you’re taking time to take care of yourself? If so, you’re not alone!!! Many parents struggle with themselves and trying to find balance between setting a good example and it being too much.

What do you think? Good parent or bad parent?

Protein Muffin Recipe

Just had to share… I’m not much of a baker, but I really try to find ways to make breakfast “easy” and I recently came up with a good protein muffin recipe! :)


1/2c Muscle Egg, Egg whites
1/4c Bisquick gluten free pancake mix
1/4c Frozen Mixed Berries

Bake at 375 until “fork” comes out clean



Nutrition Facts
Servings 1.0
Amount Per Serving
calories 286
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 1 g 1 %
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
Monounsaturated Fat 0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 672 mg 28 %
Potassium 43 mg 1 %
Total Carbohydrate 51 g 17 %
Dietary Fiber 3 g 11 %
Sugars 8 g
Protein 16 g 31 %
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 11 %
Calcium 6 %
Iron 1 %
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Ab Circuit!

Check out this wicked ab circuit! Try doing these exercises in various set/rep ranges to really target those abs!!!! Yes, there are some leg things in there, but you have to keep your abs tight to maintain balance when doing those types of exercises! Poor form there can cause injury during the workout, so remember, keep them tight!!!!


Work those legs!

I’m going to try and share more of my workouts with you all, so here’s one that made my trainer proud! One that’s going to make you WORK those legs! :)

Such a Mental Case

So I competed in the ANBF Old Glory Natural Figure competition a few weeks ago and boy was it a struggle to get there! I wanted to quit so many times and even the day before I wasn’t sure I was going to compete because my skin was rejecting the tanner! I have NEVER quit anything in my life, other than a job, and this at this moment I was ready to give up almost a years worth of work and dedication! My peak week was awful, I was arguing with my coach, and I was SUCH a mental case! I mean, I even told him “well I guess I’m not a champion” because even I could see I wasn’t 100% ready for the stage and really putting in what it took to get there… or was I?

I love my coach and will recommend him to the end of the Earth, but I do know that sometimes you just gotta listen to your body and if that means you’re eating an extra 4g carb to get rid of your headache then that’s what you do! My whole point in this is that you always need to keep your head about you when it comes to anything you do with fitness and nutrition, especially if you’re using a coach! There’s a lot of junk science, old school methods, and even “new school” methods that are QUITE dangerous for everyone!

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